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Can You Get A Medical Marijuana Card Under 18?
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Ken Maus

Written By Lisa Blake

August 25, 2021

Can you get a medical marijuana card under 18

Let us start with a straightforward answer.

Yes! You can get a medical marijuana card for a minor. Are you looking for the answer to “how”? Well, read the blog thoroughly, and you will get your answer.

We often heard that adults are getting a medical marijuana card for treating several debilitating conditions. But these days, even kids are suffering from ample health conditions that are hard to cope with otherwise. Medical marijuana helps in relieving several symptoms and provides a sense of comfort from the health condition.

But due to lesser access to the plant or the requirement of fulfilling the legal permissions, minors were often away from its benefits but not anymore. With the minor age requirements, even a child under 18 can also get a medical marijuana card. This blog will give you a good idea about getting a medical marijuana card for your child. Let us begin with a questionnaire form.

Can an Individual Under 18 Qualify to Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

Of course! It’s a yes! If the individual fulfills the entire qualifying criteria to get a medical marijuana card within a particular state, then you can apply for it. All a person needs is a caregiver assigned that must be at least 21 years and takes the significant responsibilities of the under-age cardholder. There are provisions of above 21 and 18 to 21 to get a medical marijuana card, but several states may not have the condition of patients below 18 to get a medical marijuana card. So, make sure to check out whether your state allows it or not.

As minor patients can be sensitive to the marijuana’s primary compound known as THC, the qualifying criteria for medical cannabis are often stringent in several states. Several states demand the two physician certificates, and others require a qualifying health condition only and a designated caregiver.

What do you mean by a caregiver?

A caregiver is a person responsible for managing the patient’s well-being and use of cannabis for the minor who has been diagnosed with a debilitating health condition. A caregiver need not be related to the person but must be responsible enough to care for the minor patient.

How can one become a caregiver?

Becoming a caregiver depends on the state as the whole criteria differ from one state to another. Several states might ask for completing a Caregiver Core Certificate Course, or some might call for additional training to treat conditions like dementia. In several states, a patient can have a maximum of one caregiver who must be 21 years or older.

Do I need to be a caregiver for my children to get a Medical Marijuana Card?

Yes! Until the child is emancipated, they require a designated caregiver to obtain a medical doctor’s recommendation for acquiring a medical marijuana card.

Varying medical qualifications and treatment considerations!

As children are in a growing phase, any of the medications have to be weighed more carefully as compared to adults. So, make sure to follow the medical doctor’s recommendations appropriately and get them checked for every single issue.

How to get a Medical Marijuana Card for a minor patient?

For this, being a caregiver, you need to apply for medical marijuana on the patient’s behalf. One needs to fill out the application form for the minor, a caregiver form, residential proof of the state, identification proof, and may require two medical doctor’s recommendations.

One thing you need to know is that for minors, a full-time designated caregiver is essential.

Here is how you can get a medical marijuana card online!

  1. Apply online: Apply online for a medical marijuana card by filling up an evaluation form including the personal and minor’s medical details. Schedule timing for the medical evaluations by a state-licensed medical doctor.
  2. Get evaluated: Once the timings are scheduled, the licensed medical doctor will connect back through video conferencing or call to assess further the need to access the treatment. At this stage, don’t forget to mention you need to access the medical marijuana treatment.
  3. Receive your card: Once the doctor approves your health condition, if your state has the criteria to get registered with the state, you will need to register yourself as a patient with state authorities, and once everything is found OK, you will receive your medical marijuana card at your doorstep.

IDs and documents required for Medical Marijuana Consultation with the child!

  • Photo ID of parent, passport, or driver’s license.
  • Child’s birth certificate.
  • A criminal background check in several states.
  • Two passport size photos of minor and caregiver.
  • Any relevant medical history.
  • Address proof from last two-three months, including the utility bill or rental mortgage agreement etc.

Finding the right Medical Doctor

You may find ample medical doctors, but which one is the real savior for you is hard to understand. But not anymore; as with My MMJ Doctor’s online portal, you will get connected to the best state-licensed medical doctors that help in every manner they can. And here comes an essential query asked often that,

Is medical cannabis safe for the child?

Well, indeed, it is safe if consumed in the prescribed amount only. Everything in access is terrible and needs to be consumed in an appropriate dosage only. However, several severely ill children might get prescribed some harsh and addictive medications, including opioids that may have some side effects. And such medicine is quite intolerable by the kids. However, medical cannabis is a relatively well-tolerated medicine that includes no risk of deadly overdose even when we consider it for children. Still, the parents must take care of the children getting dosages of medical cannabis, and take care of everything well.

Several exciting facts of different states!

As medical marijuana laws are less strict in California than in others, people often ask if they can obtain a medical marijuana card for minors in California. Well, children in California must have the approval and participation of their parents or guardians until they are 18. In Illinois, an “Ashley Law” was enacted in 2018 because of Ashley Surin and his family’s efforts. This law enables the parents to administer medical marijuana on school property and permits the specially trained nurses to oversee the administration by a child.

Final Word

The entire procedure to get a medical marijuana card for a minor varies from state to state. So, to obtain a medical marijuana card in your state, you must be aware of every essential information that will not make you liable for legal issues. If you have any issue in finding the appropriate knowledge about getting a card in your state, the Medical Marijuana Card Sacramento can be your journey partner to obtain that legal right in order to treat the condition right with a natural curative plant. Stay connected for more!

Steps to Get Your MMJ card

Our Simple 3 Step Process For Medical Marijuana Card

1. Fill up your details in an easy 420 Evaluations form.

2. Get Evaluated by a Local MMJ doctor After Online Submission.

3. Get Approved and Receive your Recommendation In Your Email.

Looking To Apply For A Medical Marijuana Card?

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